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Where can I ride my dirt bike -The North East Edition

There are many places to ride a dirt bike, in the North East.

I can only assume if you have come here you want the knowledge of “where I can ride my dirt bike”.

Today we will be going over a few places that the NORTH EAST  has to offer to you. let me take you through a few Of them. Remember when you ride, know matter where it is, Always have your proper PPG (proper protective gear) on. If you do not know what these are just check out one of my other posted stories called Dirt Bike Riding gear.

Without further a-dew let me take you thru 5 places out hear in the North East

Woods Riding /state forest

Most of my riding through out my life has primarily been done in the woods. That is mostly because of how much forests are in the area.Wrentham forest

Over the years a lot of them have taken on a lot of rain and washout. So they are very rocky, and there are roots all over the place. You have to focus on what’s in front of you. Dont look down, look ahead. The one thing you can count on is you are probly going to take a fall from time to time, but this is part of the dirt bike experience. so suck it up , pick it up, and get back out there. There are  a few state forests I know about and her they are…

1. Pachaug State Forest , Voluntown ,CT

Good news if you are making the trip to Connecticut, over at pachaug state forest there is almost 60 miles of riding to be able rip up. There is also campgrounds for the people who want to make a weekend out of it. There is a staging area close by, otherwise you have to off load at Spaulding road. There is also a trailing system in place which is color coded. The color red  is good for motorized vehicles, blue for hikers. Connecticut is a beautiful state for riding in the woods and I will definitely be adding more of these in the future.

2. wrentham state forest in wrentham ,mass

Wrentham pipeline

I grew up in the woods of the wrentham state forest, always had a good time out there plenty of trails. Most of them single lane, and its not a fast paced trail system. There is a lot of washout, so expect rocky, rooty rough ride in some areas. It takes some technique too get thru some spots. There is a couple places by 495 were you go thru drain tunnels wich are pretty wild to go riding thru. There is also a nice staging point with access to the east and west trails on either side of Taunton st.

  • Designated dirt riding trails
    Also offers mountain bike and hiking trails
    Horses also allowed
    Camping is allowed
    Riding season May 1st through the last Sunday In November
    Find maps and more info here:

  • Pros – 10 miles of riding mostly single track, some cool places to stop along the way. Good staging area, with acces to main trails on either side of the road.
  • Cons – very slow going in most parts of the trails ,very rocky and rooty.

You have to have a plate and be registered to ride in all state forest to my knowledge. Thats my suggestion anyways. You can ride here without one but dont get caught by the dirt police. This will be NO fun, and can be a very expensive decision. Take it from one who has made some wrong choices, and paid for them, its not worth it.

3. Foxboro state forest,  or F.Gilbert Hills State Forest in Foxboro, mass

Foxboro state forest is going to be pretty much more of the same that wrentham offers . It does have some better fire roads as well as a couple water tower spots to stop at. Back in the day you could get to all these spots by simply going to one and hitting all the trails that now have houses cutting off all the trails to get from one to the other. I would be able to go from Norfolk, mass to Cumberland R.I. believe there is a couple ponds in the trails as well, for a spot to take it all in.

  • Free parking available
    Valid registration required
    Restroom on site
    Picnic areas and grills available to the public
    7.5 mike trail. Narrow and rocky good for experienced riders or someone looking for a bit of a challenge.
    Open dawn to dusk (Early May through late November).

Once again in New England you must be registered to ride in state forests.

4. Franklin,  state forest in Franklin ,mass

This is actually a really good place to take the kids, or a beginner rider. The trails have some good areas to get a little speed, and just the right amount of roots and rocks to still keep the riding for them interesting. But not too dangerous.

  • Miles of fire roads and trails for riding
    Be cautious of other riders, mountain bikers, horses and riders.
    Open dawn to dusk
    Free parking
    Must have valid registration
    8 mile dirt bike riding trail
    Dirt bikes and other off road vehicles only allowed early May through late November.
    Access to the Southern New England Trunkline Trail is available through the forest.
    More info at:

5. Freetown – FallRiver , state forest

Free town is a great place to take a dirt bike has parking accessibility. A bike staging area near the rangers station. There’s about 25 miles of single riding trails just for you the rider.The trails are very moderate to technical depending on if you go to east or west side west side being the easier of the sides.

So evidently there is an urban legend that goes along with riding in this area as well .I guess this means its 2 for the price of one day.Whn you go for a ride at this forest you could possibly see something off the beating trail.If you do please share that story with us.Freetown

There is many places to go, you must followed the rules of the state forest if you ride in them.The laws pretty much change yearly out here as well. So you might want to look into these laws.

To not follow, always comes back too headaches with the law.

In conclusion

There are a lot of state forest in New England to ride in, we will be adding more on Where I Can Ride My Dirt Bike, as we build. If you have a place were you think would be a great addition, feel free to to leave a comment, and let us know. Woods are a great time and if you are riding in the woods with the buddies even better. Just the thrill of all the different sights to see, the lakes to hang at. Let me tell you there is nothing like camping with your dirt bike in tow. I love waking up, having a hearty breakfast.  I can still smell the bacon and eggs now. After getting a nice breakfast, it is time for hitting the trails and having some fun. There is not a thing in the world that is better my friends.

I would love to here some of your stories, the places you have gone riding. I want to here the HORROR stories as well, so that we dont make the same mistakes. Dont be shy, it will feel better to get it off you shoulders. That  being said, I look forward to chatting with all of you.

until next time “ When in doubt twist it out ”

Thank you for reading and see you next time.

Mark @ connecting 2



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4 thoughts on “Where can I ride my dirt bike -The North East Edition

  1. Hi Mark, those places look pretty challenging for a newbie like me.

    I’ve only been riding for a year and a half, and have never really tried any “real” trails or dirtbike paths. It’s all mostly asphalt and highways for my Kawi KLX 150, which also serves as my main mode of daily transport.

    Any advice for a dirtbike greenhorn?

    1. Hey Mike,

      The first thing I would ask you is, were are you residing. The second thing I want to ask you is .I know in mass we have a course you can take to get 10 % off insurance, and seeing as you use this for the daily driver , its all about saving what you can.

      That being said, If I new where about you lived , I can better help you.

      Do you have all your gear?

      Also do you have any friends that you could ride with? I’m just thinking about safety for you my friend.

      when I know what state you live I can better help you.

      1. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I am all the way over here in the Philippines.

        We do have some trails here but I’m not really familiar with the spots. As for gear, just the bare basics – I’m still on my way to ATTGAT as gear here’s pretty expensive.

        I have ridden a few times before with friends, but mostly just on highways.

        1. Hey Mike,
          Wow the Philippines, that’s awesome because this is my dream to be able connect us all no matter where we are, and be able to help each other. I highly suggest you keep trying to ride with those friends you are talking about. Its good to be there too help someone and also that goes both ways, cause lets face it. We all want to go home safe at the end. first things first mike, do you find your self sitting more when riding in the trails, or standing. Try and stand as much as possible, feet forward, knees tight against the tank. Keep your head over the bars, and elbows up. This will give you good control over the bike. Why don’t you tell me how you ride, and or what I can help you with…
          In the early stages of getting going but soon that will change and I hope you can stick around, so as you learn you can help me teach, and help others. Plus I know you must have some amazing stories of your own , I would like to hear some. this is what I want it to be , I never had this when I was younger so its my chance to give back .

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