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HONDA Bike Build part 3 – time for some paint


Well it’s been a bit, since the last part of the Honda HRC Bike Build. Been busy with the holidays and took a little break. But we are back and it’s 2019, and time to get moving on to better hopes for a new year. That being said, I hope that your year is a great one. Set those goals higher, and achieve your greatness in life.

We have covered everything from finding a bike, to buying it at a reasonable price, also tearing it down. Now the real fun is going to start. Getting the frame painted, parts cleaned, and getting a new parts list going, as well ordering up some bolt kits, for the plastics and motor. Don’t want to put on any junk bolts on everything that just got cleaned, painted, or ordered. The things you are going to want to do is, Do some research on what bikes are compatible for your bike. There isn’t always an abundance of parts depending on the year and how vintage your VMX is. also get into Facebook forums with people that are building vintage bikes and specifically the one you are building, I joined a 1987 Honda Cr 125r group. There is pretty much a group out their for everything. It makes it nice to bounce some ideas off of, and ask the much-needed questions that need to be answered.

Cleaning your parts is key

One thing I found out quick, and thought that I would share. Getting your parts clean as can be. You want to start your build with parts that are free of dirt and debris. Plus it might save you some money. I cleaned some of my parts so good that they looked new, (almost) anyway. Pick and choose the battles, depending on money that you want to spend, and if I am being honest, you are probably going to spend more than the budget that you thought was enough. Most of my money is going into the motor, but there is always the unknown.

I was thinking about future builds and space and the fact that it is winter outside, and bought me one of these beauties. This thing is great for dirt bike parts. I almost could fit the whole motor in this thing without taking it apart. But taking it apart definitely made for less splashing everywhere. I was also able to order a nice adapter for the water spout, and give it a nice long workable hose with a bristle brush that the water comes out of. makes scrubbing the parts very easy. Here is another thing that I have learned along the way .

I went to tractor supply and picked me up 2 1/2 bucket of degreaser. The thing that I learned from a bad experience is don’t leave parts especially Chrome, in the bottom soaking to long, because it will turn black, and take a long time to get that off. So learn or better yet, do a little do diligence, and find out before you do it. hey some times’ life happens, and the school of hard knocks takes control. So lesson learned and now I instead of leaving it there I have a soft detailing brush that I basically use that to prep the part I am washing with the undiluted degreaser then turn the pump on and finish it of, and repeat as needed.

Picking the right color:

Well I will be honest with you I was looking at some websites trying to find out what color the 87 Cr was and I came across a site that must have just rebuilt an 87, and must have put on some upgrades. He had everything and so much more, and me being the smart, not so smart guy. I bought a bunch of his good parts, that he had up on eBay. I figured these parts are getting harder and harder to find, so why not stock pile some parts for the bike. I’m pretty sure from what I have been reading that 87 – 88 compatible bikes. That’s not a lot to pick from, as for the lack of parts around for an 87. The name of the website was NEXSEN MOTORS.COM.

He had lot of good used parts, which brings me to my frame. I was going to sand blast it down and have it painted, and start from there then do the motor. While I was looking at this site he had a better, almost mint frame, no dents. Plus the frame was already painted, and the right color. The color for a 1987 Cr 125r,at the time was flash red Honda r119. It almost looks orange, depending on the lighting source.

To be honest I was a little weary about having a frame shipped across the country, but all things considered, it all turned out good. So I purchased the frame for $ 100 dollars, and it was $19 for shipping, but after looking on the inter web I found out my frame could be sold for $100 in the condition it is in. My frame is not in bad condition, but I wanted to start with a new frame, no dings no dents. So really I spent 0 money, and I have a nice new frame to start with.

Time to get dirty, Motor time

Well now that we have the frame ready to go, it is time now to start breaking down the motor, and get a list of parts together that need replacing. I also have no idea what this bike has been through, so that’s why I want to split cases. To see and make sure there is no hidden problem. I could take the word of the last guy, he seems like a good person, but just to be safe and not take a risk on anything getting damaged, just take it apart. It is an 1987 so I’m sure it has had some issues.

I also will be painting the covers, and it will be easier apart than together. Let me just say this though if you have no idea about the breakdown of the motor, please have someone with knowledge of doing so. This way you don’t take the risk of damaging something in the process. There will be a couple of specialty tools that you will need, to get the job done right.


well there is one thing for sure about doing a project build that you should be realizing by now, and that is this is going to take time, patients, knowledge, and MONEY. Unless you are a bike mechanic during the day, it is going to take time. I haven’t done a build like this, or to the extent of this, in many years. But as I get deeper into it, this comes back little by little. Building dirt bikes are a lot of fun, so if you have had a project on your mind. WHAT are you waiting for.

Well the next time that we meet, I should be putting this old girl back together again. I look forward to talking with you all next time, and remember to leave your comments on my post, or if you have something to add to it, please do. once again thank you all for coming, see you next time, back here on the HONDA HRC BIKE BUILDpart 4

Till then when in doubt, twist it out…

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