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Fast electric dirt bikes – Alta wave of the future

Alta Motors E- bikes

ALTA MOTORS and their group started of in 2010 with an idea, to build an E- bike. This very inspiration would make them the innovative geniuses who have taken a technology and advanced engineering, and built a world-class headquarters with some of the best techs and experts they could assemble. They have transformed it into the future of all bikes in general. These are going to be the fast electric dirt bikes of the future. This is just ones opinion, but mark my words now race fans. This is going to be a big change to the dirt bike nation, Like when NASCAR added the Toyota. I am betting no one thought that they would last long either. It is my belief for a long time now with they way people look at emissions and what’s coming out of the tail pipes.people want fewer pollutants in the air. So it was only a matter of time b4 all this E – hype came into play.

I can remember as a kid riding go carts and mini bikes, but now those same ideas in history, have been all changing over to the E- hype. Just look around you everywhere, your friends kids toys now have batteries and buttons to make the noise of the machines some of us grew up on listening to. You know, the noises that the neighbors used to scream about and possibly call the police on you. Those noises we all loved as kids and even now as grownups. Could all go away with father time, and turn into silence. Just picture that for a moment, your at the track dirt is flying wheels are turning motors are, wait you don’t hear any motors. That is weird just to think about it.

Honestly I know what you are thinking if you are a die hard 2 or 4 stroke dirt biker from way back. You are thinking I would never buy one of these silly things, I’m not gonna even try one. But the truth of the matter is, I personally would love to check one of these machines out, and I am gonna do my very best to make this happen, and let you know how that goes. Meanwhile let me take you thru one of these mean machines.

REDSHIFT MXR, one baddass machine

This wild machine has been designed to compete with the 350 machines, and comes with 50 horsepower and more tourque than its competition. Just think of this also,no oil changes, air filters ,and no more top end rebuilds. This means more ride time and less working on your bike.Here are some of the specs for the MXR.

  • 1.5 HR 240V RECHARGE
  • 11995 MSRP




  1. ECO
  3. SPORT
  • The eco – setting is a good map or setting for if your are just starting out,and or getting used to the bike.
  • The sport map – and or setting is engineered to take on the 250 f race bikes.
  • The performance map – or setting is similar to the sport map but with more of your bottom end and gets some great traction, also good for the gate starts.
  • Overclocked – map gets you that torque and power without restrictions
  • performance maps = softwear settings to change the ride dynamics of the dirt bike.

Also, there is thermal limiting that will protect the bike if you push it too hard.


Lets just take it to the starting line for a moment, you are there getting into race mode, waiting for the gate to drop. Revving your motor you put it into gear ,head down, arms up you are ready too go. Gate drops you think you got a great start then there it goes , whats the other bike doing that your not. Seeing how he just passed you at the starting line in an E- bike, how embarrassing.That is because the MXR did not have to worry about a little thing called a clutch and shifter he just grips it and rips it ,with nothing to worry about, but the stretch in front of them.

I guess what I am trying to say hear is, I love my 2 stroker. That being said I personally would give this E- bike the chance it deserves, and the respect that it will definatly earn. No one is going too get rid of the 2 stroke, or 4 stroke machines. But it is nice to know if you want to ride thru the woods without pissing off some land owners that you ride next to on the trails, I think this would be a great alterative to a loud 2 or 4 stroke bike, if you know what i mean. I personally have had people ( owners ) do some pretty shady stuff to some of the trails I have ridden on. So if they cant hear me coming and going, they night not get as mad, and do all of that shady stuff to try and kill me. They dont really mean to kill me, but those people that have seen the wires across the path and other stuff, they know what I am talking about.

These dirt bikes also have something called a REGENERATIVE BREAKING on them. This means when you brake on the redshift, the energy from the rear wheel is used to recharge the battery, and makes like a sensation of an engine brake. Speaking of the braking, now that your not worried about the clutch lever, they can put the rear brake right on the handlebars, if you like.

There is one thing I  think does need to be rethought out, and that is the battery. I think this should come with or be able to purchase a couple more batteries with your new purchase of the bike, and not have too charge you what some may consider a lot of money. I personally dont want to sit around for 2 to 3 hours waiting on my bike to charge. That being said these are definetly  going to be A force to recon with.

Here are some of altas other machines you could check out.

  • 2019 REDSHIFT ( EXE )
  • 2018 MOTOCROSS ( MX )
  • 2018 ENDURO ( EX )
  • 2018 SUPERMOTO ( SM )



In thinking back to when I was growing up you didn’t have cool E – bikes of today. These kids bikes are much more powerful, and the best part is just like the bigger ones, they wont be giving your neighbor a heart attack. No more calling the cops, or complaining. This is a good thing, because now there is no distractions, just more time to ride.

I have to be honest, these beauties are not as expensive as you might be thinking either.

Here are a couple of my picks for you to check out..

Kids E – bikes quieter/cheaper than gas, with the same rip

This little mean machine is a lot of fun. The makers over at razor are saying ages 16 and up. I don’t doubt it for a minute, I’m not sayng that I’m going to by one for myself, but I can see why they promote it that way.Or maybe I will, it would be fun in the back yard tooling around. Also Razor says it will hold up to 220 pounds, can you believe that. But if your kids are just starting out, and are younger,  they should check out some of the smaller razors.


 in Conclusion

I think that these machines are coming hard and fast to a dealer near you. They are very quiet ,wich for some of us who have been listening to our motors for our whole lives could be a little difficult at first,but with life comes change, and its something else to get use too. You didnt know how to walk until you learned right, well I am sure this won’t take as long to get aquainted with as walking took you to learn.So i would love to know what you think about this machine of the future. What do you think the pros and cons are? Like i have said before I am not running out just yet, but i feel like they are getting really close to having a great product.Ialso do believe it will be the future ,quiet ,and not putting a lot of pollution into the air are some great sales pitches.

Thank you for reading and your comments,they are greatly appreciated, and if there is something you think i should add.Please feel free to let me know.

Mark @


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