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Electric Bikes Sale – Get Them While Their Hot 2018

Hello all,

Here it is 2018, and I have cooked you up a list called, the Electric Bike Sale,  get them while their hot. Well it is just  in my opinion. I have looked far and wide across the nations. To put together a list of the future of the sport of motocross to come, mark my words. These machines are on their way to taking over the 2 wheel market., and keeping your neighbors happy in the process.

So the first bike that we are going over is the American manufactured, Alta Motors.

ALTA MOTORS, wave of the future,

To find this Electric Dirt bike, we look no further than San Francisco, California. Where Alta Motors was established in 2010, to try to be the ” future of fast ” in electric dirt bikes.


This electric dirt bike was manufactured, and designed to take on the 250 bikes. I feel as if they are hitting the mark, and taking it into the future…


2018 KTM FREE RIDE E-XC – mean machine

To find our next electric beauty we head to an Austrian based company, that has been making awesome machines since it was formed in 1953, but you can trace this foundation back to 1934. I have to say this E bike is a fine looking piece of machinery. This is the Electric version of the free ride 250r model, and let me say this right from the start. This bike is sexy. Good lines, light looking, very streamline. If this bike is anything like what KTM offers in pretty much every other bike they have build, it’s gonna rip. Since 2012 KTM has been the leading the race as the best manufacturer in Europe for 4 years running. Well lets take a look at what’s under the seat of this bad boy.

There were some upgrades that were done from last years model. The Electric motor and the power pack are now giving you one and a half hours of exploring the trails with this beast, depending on your riding style of course. The total weight for this machine is 111 kg and has a peak output power of 18 kW .

  • New upgraded power pack from last year, 3.9 kWh rating, which is 50% more capacity than the previous pack
  • single speed transmission
  • water cooled control unit to make it more reliable under any condition
  • the drive train has an intelligent brush less motor with a state-of-the-art control unit, that will bring some serious tractor power
  • 3 different riding settings, Economy, Enduro, and Cross. The best part is when it’s in economy mode, it is now able to recuperate deceleration energy when you are coasting or braking, to give it some more range boost
  • you can fully submerge this bike into the water, they have this thing sealed up tight, so no issues if you rip thru
  • visual indication of charge left in battery.
  • Two small lateral radiators to keep it consistently at the operating temps
  • the frame is a combination of Steele, aluminum, and composite and has a poly amide sub frame to keep a lower center of gravity
  • top of the line suspension, and braking system
  • digital dashboard with speedometer
  • external charging system can be connected to 240 plugs, or generator
In Conclusion,

this bike is a beast, and is going to be a force to go against out at the tracks, as well as in the woods. The problem for the gas guys is you can’t even hear them, till it’s too late… I think this is a big win for the KTM team. They keep making it better every year, what is your feelings about the free ride KTM e bike? Do you like the idea, or are you one of the people who can’t even fathom riding one of these bikes. Some people just do not like change. They don’t realize that this is good change for our future, and for generations to come. I personally am on board 100%, and as soon as I figure out which e bike I want, I will definitely get one. So, thank you KTM for helping us move to the future of the sport, Good Job and keep them coming.


Well this next Electric Bike, we fly back to the wast coast of the USA, and visit California once again. To a place called LUNA Cycle, This is were we find a, what some might call a mountain bike, on a lot of steroids. This E – bike is light, sleek, and it goes up to 50 mph. That’s right 50 MPH that’s crazy. I also have to say, that I wouldn’t even finish reading this, just go to the website and buy one of these bad ass bikes. Just kidding , don’t go anywhere. Now I know what you are thinking, I keep saying Bike, well that’s because it is neither a bike, nor is it a dirt bike . it’s actually to me a bit of a mystery, on what this crazy looking thing was supposed to be. that’s why this thing is on my list, well and these reasons…

  • High torque in the mid drive
  • single speed, No transmission, or clutch
  • Removable 60v 33ah Panasonic Battery
  • USB charger, Custom dashboard
  • only 110 pounds, very lightweight
  • limited availability, comes in 3 colors
  • sand forged aluminum frame, lightweight and high strength
  • Easy to operate with standard, and sport modes
  • Cost is 3,500 which will not last, get one now before it’s too late
  • comes in many colors

I like the Sur-Ron for what I think it is, a great time to be had no matter were you go with this thing. I mean imagine the possibilities. Its light, narrow, and this thing can go the distance. What is not too like about this Electric Bike. The thing you must ask yourself is, can you afford one of the bigger machines? Is you’r ANSWER NO. I say you should look into one of these. The only problem I do see with this model especially, is the price is more than likely going to climb. All it will take is more dealerships to start taking on selling a piece of future.


EL Segundo, Ca


ZERO Motorcycles


Well for our next journey , all we need is to rent a car and take a drive to SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA to ZERO Motorcycles

Zero motorcycles has been around since 2006, and the idea that came from a garage, turned into the International known company of today. This company and their people have done a lot in the electric bike world. I just wish they would have done more with the MX model. The last time they put out a newer version of the MX was back in 2013, I thought it was going in a good direction. That being said the 2018 ZERO FX is a very nice cross over. The zero FX delivers more torque than most 1000 cc bikes.

The Zero FX model will handle, pretty much anything that is thrown into it’s way. This E – bike has rocket ship like acceleration. Let’s go over some other of the other fine features of this dual (mean) machine, and the incentives it brings along with it.

But first, this year has 2 options for you, they have the

zero fxZF3.6 and this one zeroFXzf7.2
  • 46 miles                                              91 miles city
  • 19 miles                                              39 miles highway at 70 on avg.
  • 78 ft / lbs same peak power
  • 85 mph same top speed
  • 3.6 kWh                                              7.2 kWh max capacity
  • 247 lbs                                                289 lbs weight
  • 5.1 hrs to full recharge                    9.1 hrs standard charge
  • 5 years same power pack warranty

So depending on were you live this bike comes with some payback incentives for you and your pocket. Like for my area in mass has a $$ 750 dollar rebate.

This bike is roughly going to cost you about $8,495 msrp

In Conclusion,

This model is exactly what they set out to build this year, it is lean and mean. With the 2 settings Eco and Sports modes, you are ready to take on almost any surface. Also, you have all the power that you need with the ability to deliver 78 ft / lb, and the latest suspension technology to support it all.


Soon to come CRF 250R E-MX












Keep your eyes out

In Conclusion,

In the beginning stages of the Electric bikes, they were geared towards the beginners, and people who did not have the money for a two-stroke, or four stroke bikes. These e-bikes were not taken very serious, like an ongoing joke between the community. I would have to say to those people, they are coming for you. All in all I am very impressed with these machines of the future. There are so many advantages to getting one, remember no clutch, no stalling. No oil changes, top end rebuilds, no exhaust to worry about or hear for that matter, and no radiators to bust on you. I honestly see these bikes as a win win for everyone .

Many companies already have professionals taking these bikes onto the racetracks everywhere. This is the future people, so it’s time we all get cozy with the idea of the Electric bikes everywhere, and check out the Electric Bike Sale before they disappear. YAH that’s not happening, they are here to stay.

Well once again, I appreciate you stopping by and reading, please leave a message about anything on the content.

Thank you again

MARK @ http;//

The Future is bright, go with it!

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4 thoughts on “Electric Bikes Sale – Get Them While Their Hot 2018

  1. That’s a very nice review on best electric bikes sale for 2018, it’s well analyzed and structured. My #1 pick of all these bikes is the 2018 KTM FREE RIDE E-XC, It’s indeed sexy and it’s upgrades is undoubtedly awesome and lot’s of new features has included to make it more speedy. I used to ride mountain bikes when i was of younger age and it was fun.

    Where can someone get any of these bikes?


    1. Hey Babian, 

      Thank you for some great comments, and I have too agree with you about the KTM, it is pretty sexy indeed. mountain bikes are a good time, pretty much anything with 2 wheelz is a good time.

      If you are interested in looking more into these bikes of the future, there is a link on all the names of the bikes for you too get the full spectrum of what they are and can do.

  2. As a fellow ECW250 rider and a 2 stroke enthusiast, I am really interested in the future of off-road bikes. It makes me a little sad to think the sweet smell of 2 stroke will eventually disappear from the biking scene.

    Are the electric bikes limited to free ride and trials bikes at the moment or have they been rolled out for mx and enduro bikes too?  It will be really interesting to see what the range and performance will be on more main stream off-road bikes.

    1. Hello Richard,

      You have great taste in bikes, I have mostly ridden Hondas, but secretly loved, KTM. what kind of riding are you into? woods, track? Well let us face some facts Richard, the 2 stroke will always be around, just maybe more as a show piece in the garage. but not for a time to come. They are just breaking out into the U.S, in the last few years. That being said I personally am looking forward to the transformation. 

      I believe it was josh hill that just tested the Electric Alta mx, against apponents, and got like 4th out of 20 or 30 bikes. They were on a straight track, but to get even that close, is quite a thing.they have one for all occasions at this point.. follow the links on the page, and it will tell you exactly what they will have.Thank you for your comments, come back anytime

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