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Dirt bikes and Horses, Its not about winning

Hello all,

Hope this finds you happy, and well.

Riding horses versus Dirt Bike Riders – why race them at all

This is something I have been pondering about for a while, trying to figure out the right angle to come at this topic. Because This topic has been at the cross roads for many generations, and probably more still to come, of that I am sure. But still though, I think we have all been going at it all wrong.

Sure we can throw them into the arena and have them go around the poles, and the barrows. But what is that really showing us, not much that means anything.  It puts on a show and shows us that a horse is good at being a horse, and obviously the dirt bike is going to do what it does, rip it up. Yes they might take corners alittle different, one is faster in the straight away. Once again this is just showing us to look the wrong way at this. Does one thing have anything to do with the other?

What about taking these two to the woods for a trail ride. Ahh now what, first off you are talking once again about a horse and a dirt bike. There is no comparison, it’s A HORSE and A Dirt Bike. I mean yes we can time them one at a time to see who gets to the other end first. I am going to stop you there first. Listen trails are rough for a dirt bike, never mind what it might do to the poor horse. Take a second, close your eyes and think back to when you were in the woods, what is mostly in the woods, well in my neck of the woods. We have big rocks, and a lot of roots, and washouts everywhere. So not too many horse owners would even think about doing a race of any sort in the woods. But once again folks, this is not really what we are all trying to figure out anyways. This is all just smoke signals for what the real question is. The one that we are seeking. It has been something that has mystified me, along with others im sure.


The Real Question- who are we

Can dirt bikes and horses ever ride together, probably not, even with the new almost silent Electric Dirt Bikes that are up and coming, I am not to sure if that could ever happen. But here is a theory of mine, I believe that we are one and the same people.

Well if you are sitting there saying to yourself, yeah that’s not very true, just think to yourself, on the weekends if you are going to ride your horse, where do you go most of the time. Well my girl owns a horse, a beautiful pony named shy, so I can tell you first hand, that she is going to, or in shows almost every weekend. 2 a month at the very least. So how about you as a dirt bike guy, how often would you say you go to the track, or the woods to ride. Every weekend if you could right. lol. Yeah me too.

We just established that we are both crazy people, when it comes to our sport. But are we the same crazy. Let’s dive a little deeper into this. O.K. look, it’s obvious to anyone that knows horses and dirt bikes, horses are the much harder to take care of. besides washing my bike changing an oil filter and some oil, a couple other little tweaks, there is not a lot of pampering that is needed for the bike to feel good, nor does the bike care. But horses can make people go plum crazy on how much is really involved. My girl goes to the barn and disappears into a time warp, and I don’t see her for hours. Honestly if you have sons or daughters out there 2 wheels would be the cheaper way to go for sure. But once again, this is just my opinion on the matter.

I put horses in the same category as well, a boat. What is the motto of a boat owner on an average lake cruiser, just add another grand. Well with a PONY, not much of a difference from what I have seen. Not to say dirt bikes are cheep, depending on which one you own it’s pretty damn expensive. But still not even close to the horse. So we have established that we both spend money on our sport, just pony a little more I would say.

The kind of People that we all are

Well , Let’s take a look at the people who own a horse, and or a dirt bike. They love spending as much time as they possibly can, playing with their horse, and or dirt bike. We travel all over the place showing them off, and in conversation if brought up, you can talk forever about your bike, or pony. These people take care of their own also. Meaning if you are lucky enough to get into one of the smaller micro circles and or groups, you all end up becoming family. A family who looks out for one another is priceless. Is that not what makes us feel at our greatest, when we are sitting around our trucks and trailers, hanging with family and friends sharing the best of times, taking pictures, and talking about the days activities. Some of these activities even last all weekend, and you can camp out, so it’s like a mini vacation with some of your favorite people every weekend, what could be better than this my friends.

We have now established that we both, dirt bikes along with riding Horses, travel around in tight packs, once they get together they have a blast. A wolf pack if you will, and just like a wolf pack we don’t like you messing with our people, so be aware. don’t poke them, they do bite. I am just kidding, or am I.

Let’s us move to a subject that I do think that we should cover more, and this is etiquette in the trails, because this is the one place that we are definitely not the same. One is a machine with a motor, and one is a living being with a heart, and some horses that are in the trails can be very skiddish, when it comes to dirt bikes and their noise. But I believe this too would not be as bad when it comes to electric dirt bikes because of the low to no noise factor. So when you do come up to each other they might not be so scared of a quiet bike as much as a loud bike, just a theory .

Similarities on the ride

What are the similarities of the two? This is a very good question, that has a few answers to clarify for you. Let’s say for instance you are riding on the trail, where are you looking? the correct answer to this is, you look ahead not down. You want to see what’s in front of you so you have that reaction time, not just see something when it’s too late to react. The next thing that we both should do as good riders is to be relaxed when we are riding, if you are stiff, chances are you are not going to have a good ride no matter what you are on. You have to stay relaxed, almost calm like. This actually is when I am at my best when riding, it is almost as if the body takes control and you are just along for the ride. The bars and the reins, are also similar in that you are not holding on to these, more to just steer the animal or bike the way you want to go. O.K. there is a little more than that but you aren’t holding on for dear life by the reins, or handle bars. When you are on the bike you hold with your knees or thighs. With the horse correct me if I am wrong I have done some horseback riding, but still just a beginner. You push down-and-out with your legs giving you more control. Both cases your legs are the support and arms for steering.


Well to tie this up, I think that between the horses and the dirt bikes the trails are pretty busy. So Let’s be considerate of each and every one of us that use these trail, and try to have some etiquette when you are blasting down the trail.Try to remember that something big might be around the next corner, so why risk it. Just by taking a few precautions you might save someone from getting hurt. Remember if you encounter a horse and you are on your dirt bike, pull as far off to the side of the trail that you can, turn the bike off, and wait till they have gotten past you a little ways before restarting. Remember these are Dirt Bikes and Horses, there is plenty enough room for all of us to ride and have fun, We all want to go home to our families. So to my friends with horses enjoy and be safe, and for my fellow 2 wheel junkies, keep ripping

P.S. We would love it if everyone did their part in keeping our woods SAFE, and CLEAN.

Thank you for reading, and please once again, if you have something you would like to say. Do not be shy, we wont.






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10 thoughts on “Dirt bikes and Horses, Its not about winning

  1. What an interesting article. I am a rodeo junkie, i go there as often as i can. I have always found it amazing what these cowboys and cowgirls can do with their horses. They are absolute specimens. I never really correlated horse’s with dirt bikes though. I have watched the dirt bike X games on television but never have i compared the two. This is what makes your article so intriguing. I can see where it would cost more money to keep a horse happy and healthy as opposed to a dirt bike, after all a horse is a leaving thing and a dirt bike is just that, a bike. I can see where the passions could be just as great though. I have found this to be a wonderful read, so thank you for that.


    1. Hello Robert,

      Thank you for reading my man, I personally have only been to a couple rodeos, most of what i have seen came from t.v. I am sure you know a lot more than me about this matter, and could teach me a thing or 2. They are for sure warriors, the horses and the people riding them. That being said, I Love horses, n have a passion for my dirt bikes. Where do you go and see the rodeos ? You must be out west , i can only assume.

  2. I love the philosophical way you approach this very interesting topic. You have made some very profound comparisons between the horse and the dirt bike. And eventually end off with respect and consideration while on the trail, and getting home safely. 

    Even though I have not done any riding before, not on horses, not on dirt bikes, but I love this article, it’s beautiful the way you bring the two together. 

    1. hey Joo,

      I thank you for your comments on this post. I have seen so many, that talk about racing them too see who would win, and ths bothered me, enough to write this post. Do you know anyone who rides either horses o dirt bikes?

  3. This is an interesting take on a topic that I normally wouldn’t expect. To me the crazy you’re talking about is being thrill seeing something that increases your personal excitement.

    As far as keeping the trails more safe absolutely I believe as a whole, and this includes even on public roads we have gotten more careless about general etiquette. I know this extends beyond your point of on the trails but this is the truth, if we think about other people first we’ll all be a lot better off.

    1. Well hello Josh,

      First let me say thank you for your honesty about the topic.  I agree josh, Weather you are on the dirt or in the streets you have to think about others. If we all thought about others and not ourselves most of the time it would be a much better world. What is the crazy part that you speak of, and what is your opinion on this?

  4. This is an interesting comparison , I am so interested in reading the differences between the two. I find this article exciting.  Not something I would have considered before now. Which do you think is safer for a child to learn on? The horse or the dirt bike? Im super curious now. 

    1. Hey Jayde,

      I have too say that they are equally the same when i comes to safety. I think they both have a tendency to be wild at times. Once again it comes down to learning the correct way to be safe. BUT WITH ANYTHING FUN COMES RISK. What i have learned from my experience with me on a dirt bike and my girl with her horse is, horses are very expensive!  You have to board them in most cases, unless you have a lot of land, as to the bike, it goes into a shed or garage. The pony needs doctors of all kinds, and a shoe guy, the bike just needs a mechanic, well unless you are smart and learn how to fix it yourself. It really comes down to money, and if you are a motor person or a horse person. Ponies are a lot of work, but you have this majestic animal that will love you , dirt bike does not care one way or the other. Thank you very much for your comments, and if you have any more questions on the topic , let me no. Thank you again

  5. Wow! I am impressed with your story and it just blew my mind. This is something that I had never seen before.You guys are amazing and adventurous and I just hope I could live your life as well. Please keeep updating us with your joyful ride. I am eagerly waiting to know about them.

    1. Hi Sanjay, 

      thank you for your nice comments, and keep on coming back any time you want. If there is anything you ever have a question about, just let me know. thank you for reading.


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