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Dirt Bike Riding Gear – mistakes made by a beginner

Proper protection

From the start of putting together my dirt bike riding gear, It was the school of hard knocks, as far as knowing what dirt bike riding gear  I should have been wearing. Back then I took what my brother gave me for hand me downs, but at least I was riding,  not thinking of how unsafe I was being with my helmet that was too loose, Riding boots, usually just meant sneakers or sometimes work boots, That was it .. It is safe to say that I was not being a safe rider.

The reason I am telling you this about myself is because no one ever told me any different. I would like to take this time to tell you what I have learned over a long time of riding, mostly in the woods. I was just a kid who did not have transportation, except for my dirt bike. luckily, if you remember from my about me post  I had access to power lines and tracks. It wasn’t till my 20s that I started going to tracks where you learned a lot quicker what gear to have on. let me finish by saying, I don’t consider myself a “professional rider” but I’ll tell you what between you and me, you don’t have to be one to get the scoop on how to be safe when riding.

a few things I’ve learned along the way..


Helmets – getting it right

Let us face the true facts on helmets, because wearing one is definitely, as they say a “No brainer “. Here are a few pointers for a newer rider that just might save an injury from happening or at the very least keep you from breaking something. lets face it nobody wants to crash and get hurt, unfortunately crashing is part of riding and learning, of what not to do. I also would like to help you be safer, whether you are on the trails or ripping through the track.

Fitting your helmet should go something like this :

  1. Measure your head roughly the area where you would wear a baseball hat. Dot has on the helmet a size you should match to.
  2. You want your helmet to be snug on your head. Snug does not mean tight, if you have the helmet on tight all you are going to do is give yourself a migraine, at the very least a bad headache. That’s going to last you hours later. = No fun..
  3. Also you do not want your helmet to be too loose A loose helmet as you are riding will be like a bobble head, flopping all around, blocking your vision. In fact it’s probably going to be one of the reasons for you to crash today.

The engineers have made your helmets design a certain way to protect you. You should wear it the right way to save your squash from getting crushed or worse, So it’s best to fit your helmet right.

Goggles – protect your eyes

Just like your helmet goggles should be a priority for protection of the eyes. If you can’t see you can’t ride, really a must have. I cringe every time I see someone not wearing them. They are made to keep rocks from roosting into your eyes or even the occasional branch to the face, or just plain old dirt in the eyes… ” Just wear them “

Buying your Boots..

Buying boots is fairly simple you want them to fit. There’s going to be a break in period for new boots, and depending on who you talk to.  Just to get your feet wet, or not cause you have your new boots on. You don’t have to go for the most expensive ones you can find. Pretty much any motocross or enduro boot will do the job, and that job is to protect your feet, your ankle and of course your Legg.  I personally have dragged my leg under the bike, and not been injured at all. Put on some work boots in the same type of scenario and you prolly have a broken ankle. So get them boots and put them on..

Pants and your jersey

Buying your pants and your jersey should be a pretty easy thing to do. You want your pants to fit. If they are too loose you are going to be fighting them as you ride that day to help keep them up, this will not be a fun day. Having them too tight will be a problem also, because now your not going to be able to move properly. Once again between motocross and enduro there are different types of fits and ventilation and thickness comes into play.

As far as your jersey goes once again depending on we’re you plan on riding they have different material lighter and or thicker,breathable. They even have pads sewn in on some of the elbows on the shirts for enduro. The good news for jersey and pants is more than likely your going to get a package deal, will save you some money as well.

Gloves – protection on those 5 digits

Here is the scoop on gloves, you want the palm of your hand to fit snug in the glove so is not to get crazy blisters from too much movement while riding. There are protective barriers on the top and the bottom for protection from falling off your bike to taking some branch’s off of them. Also with these there are different material for we’re you are going riding.

Accessories – needed or not

I really don’t think these are accessories,my personal opinion is these should always be worn with the gear.

  • 1. Chest protectors are there to help you when you crash as well as protect you while riding. They come in different setups and thicknesses as well. It just depends on where you are riding.
  • 2. Neck braces, they have done studies on these,  thru medical research on neck injuries, and my suggestion is where this as well if you don’t want a broken neck.

In Conclusion


To wrap things up you don’t have to get a second job to afford your gear if you are a newer rider. You just have to get the right gear for where you are riding, whether it is at a track or in the woods riding enduro protect yourself for you, and your families. if you have anything to add please do.

Any questions and or comments please feel free to leave.

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