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Camping with a Dirt Bike, or Campbiking/what to know

Hello again 2 wheel junkies,

Let me take a couple minutes of your time to take you thru the basics.


Having a dirt bike and going riding is a lot of fun, right, but…

What if you could make it much, much more fun. What would you say to that? I am betting you would say, heck yes, sign me up.

lets say you like camping, and we also know that we love our bikes. So why not combine the both of them and go Campbiking, or Camping with A Dirt Bike. Well i know what you are saying, is this even a thing? Yes folks it is, you can take your favorite girl out for a camping trip for a week, or maybe just for the weekend, and the wife will probably wanna come too, or husband for all those ladies on the trails ripping it up.

This can be a great time, especially if you have someone going with you to share the load of what you are going to be wanting to pack on for a great and safe trip. There are many types of off-road bikes, and or dual sport motorcycles. Technically and correct me if I am wrong but pretty much all bikes, and this is stemming since the 1900s, are dual sport motorcycles. Why do i make this statement you ask, well back in the 1900s and into the 1920s the most roads where unpaved, thus being a dual sport bike. It was not until the 40s in developing countries that the bikes started to get heavier for the roads that they where riding on.

for this post, we are going to be helping dirt bike riders and newer riders, and work are way up to the real dual-purpose machines, and other bikes in stages, add on to the post as we build. Not to mention most of these dual sport bikes have a bigger tank and a lot more storage space. Dirt bikes don’t have any storage, so you might have to get creative with some Cargo nets, and Backpacks.

Camping at the track, for the newer rider

there are a few ways that you can go campbiking, one of these is to go to a track that is having events during the weekend. These are a good way to break into the idea of campbiking, there will probably be a bunch more people around and some kids might walk by the tent, but you won’t be paying much attention to all that, cause you will be a part of all that yourself. Also just in case of a rain emergency, most of these tracks have a motel close by in case, so your weekend doesn’t have to be dampened by the rain, especially if you are out riding in it all day. Going to the tracks that let you stay, are a really good idea for the newer riders. There you can feel a little of the freedom, but have what you need close by, if something where to happen. You are going to be able to get the first aid that you need, this would not be true if you where deep into the i say it again, if you are looking for a simple camping with your bike kinda trip. There are tracks that you can go to and have a great experience. The only bad thing about doing it this way, is that you have other people around, and you have to follow track rules.which i am sure are not too bad anyways.

Camping at state parks, getting closer

well now, we are getting closer to the real thing. But this too is just a step in the right direction to total freedom. I actually love the state park/private, and lodges, because they have the feel of freedom to go on your very own adventure. once again these places are close enough where, if something where to happen, you can still find someone to help you out. some state forest/private campgrounds are the perfect place to get more acquainted with being miles away from it all, or freedom. Well at least while you are riding, cause you still, like the tracks, will have the occasional person, or kid that will be running through the tent site, and also if you are camping the RV sounds will put you to sleep. Other than these few minor things, i would say, don’t sweat the small things in life, besides tomorrow you will be ripping up the trails, right.

Depending upon where you live, there may be more state parks than other states, at least in the united states from what i have seen. So you may have to travel a little bit to get to your destination. I have used a trailer in this scenario, and also i have just put in the back of the truck. My personal preference is putting it into my truck and finding a small hill to unload onto. This way you don’t have to try to find a spot for the trailer, but if you do trailer make sure you call ahead and make sure that they have a spot for it, if it is a campground, or private park/state forest.


Finally, there, freedom trails

Here is campbiking at its best. We are ready to graduate to real freedom. We have gone over going to the track, going to private parks, and the state forests. Well now its time to just pick a destination, get some friends together and load up the bikes, and get your gear, and go. Just remember to give your self enough time to pick a good spot, and be able to set up camp before it gets dark out. You will need to get a fire going as well. This is easier with the daylight. Make sure you get a good spot, for a date under the stars.

When you go campbiking this way it is better to have someone with you, and it does not hurt to take a CPR class somewhere in your life, because you just never know when you might need to use those skills. It is better to have and not use then need and not have. Also, if you are new to this type of camping, please go with someone that knows what they are doing. You are also going to need to know how to read a map, so if you don’t start learning this will pay off. No matter where I’m at th map has always helped me, and your not always gonna have a GPS to go by.

check list, check it twice

This part right here is going to be for a new campbiking rider, a checklist of the things you will need to think about before you go.

  1. What kind of 2 wheel machines do you have, and is it up to the challenge. If it is not running the best its ever been, go over it again
  2. do you want to go actual camping, or go to a campground made to be able to camp and ride?
  3. what gear do you have the room for, or that you can make room for?
  4. the essentials you will need to go camping with your dirt bike.
  5. the fifth thing is knowing the limitations of the bike you are riding, especially if you don’t have a big dual sport to carry extra gas.

Packing 101, pack light

  • TENT
  • TOOL KIT, with enough tools to do a tire repair, or other small repairs
  • MAP
  • these are future items to look into
  • On any camping trip
  • COOKING SUPPLIES / FOOD/power bars
  • Hydration is key
  • If you can fit some extra fuel for your bike, once again depends on how far you want to go, bring some. But if I am being honest once you get to a certain load rating on your dirt bike. It may just mean you are ready to take the next step into DUAL SPORT RIDING.

In conclusion

I love to go Camping with a Dirt Bike, or campbiking, I can remember a few times in my life that just on a whim grab the bike and gear, no matter if it was day or night. Grab it and just go. I have had some very cold nights doing this. But when the morning came and I was one with nature and my bike. No better feeling, well except for actually riding the bike of coarse.

All I can say is do your homework, make sure that you are prepared.then go have some fun.

P.S. please practice safe riding for you your family, and the other riders.

So here is the part where you become part of the community, and add your stories, or comment on mine. I appreciate all comments and hope everyone stays happy and healthy.

Thank you for reading, without you I am just hitting some keys for nothing. lol

Mark @

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9 thoughts on “Camping with a Dirt Bike, or Campbiking/what to know

  1. Really informative article on camping with a dirt bike. Must admit I had never thought this was a thing. After all, how do you carry your stuff? Well, apparently it is done by many. Who knew?! Lovely images on the article and the level of information actually made me want to re-live my biking days. Very nostalgic. 

    1. Hey Jon lake,

      Thank you for your kind comments, and any time you need to reminis about the good old days, come on where there is a will there is a way. Sometimes, you just have to get creative. 

  2. Thanks for posting!

    I wasn’t familiar about campbiking until reading your article, but with two adventurous boys at home, one who particularly likes bikes, speed and freedom, I’m going to have to get a bit of education. Your post is full of great insights, and I like the way you balance out your passion for biking and freedom with the discipline to be prepared (CPR training) and do what you can to ensure a safe, enjoyable adventure. I read somewhere that discipline is the ultimate freedom. It looks like you, my friend, are enjoying the benefits of both. 

    Great site and article!

    1. Hello Norman,

      First let me say thank you for taking the time to read and comment. that being said, I am happy to hear you have a young dirt a holic on your hands. the sport has come so far, and we need to make sure,  the generations coming behind us have the knowledge and training to be safe and yet have a great time while doing it. So come on back any time, and if you ever have questions, I will get you an answer.

       thank you again 

  3. Hi, Mark

    Great article and I have good experience from Campbiking, and It is what I did a lot of in my younger years , and I still love it, and I have so many good memories that I will never forget about it, I highly recommend all people to try it,I have not done this for 30 years now, and after reading your article then I low to go on such a journey again.

    Best regardsSalomon.

    1. Hey Salomon,

      First , that’s a cool  Second, thank you for reading my post, and having you, who I can assume after your comment, has some good skill and knowledge. I need more of the people like you too stick around, to offer us your stories and knowledge as well. where are you from? I would like to here one of those stories sometime.

  4. Wow does this bring back memories for me! My sons father used to race pro moto x so I know all to well about camping at the track, and campbiking!I love how you included different camping options to work your way up to venturing out in to the unknown. Great tips for newbies 🙂

    Also your list is great too! I totally agree with having the right back pack when heading out for a day or night. 

    Awesome site, I will be back. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 

    1. Hey there Moody Mom,

      I am so happy that I could take you back to hopefully, some good memories. Thank you for your kind words, how about your son, is he into dirt bikes? I would be more than happy to see you come back.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

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