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Best Dirt Bike Adventure Riding – Best dirt bike tours 2018

What’s up everyone,

For a while now, I have heard about guided tours in other parts of the world, and across our great country. I have a friend that has been to Romania twice in the last couple of years, to go on one of these guided tours, and said he had a blast. He probably would not have gone twice had it been a crappy time I figure. Also, the fact that his pictures show them having a great time, might be proof of a good time. Although I do remember him saying the ride he went on is definitely for someone who has been riding for a while, not for a beginner. I believe the name of the trail was called the KINGS TRAIL, ROMANIA.

So after looking at a few of his photos I have decided this ride would not be good, if you have problems with heights as well. After hearing him talk so passionately about this and telling me next year they are going to go on an ITALY TOUR, I have decided to get my self into top shape, so hopefully I can go with him on one of these full adventure tours. If you have been on bikes most of your life I would have to say, you must put one of these trips on the BUCKET LIST. So speaking of a list, let me help you find some Best Dirt Bike Adventure Riding, from around the world.

  1. RideXpower

This place is a confirmed good time to be had, and this is coming from the mouth of a good friend of mine. They have many tours for you to pick from. Let me show you some tours that they offer, and the places that they are offering tours at, like ITALY, ROMANIA, AUSTRIA, AND CROATIA.

HEADQUARTERS / Salzburg, Austria

  • Enduro Tours
  1. Castelmonte
  2. Croatia
  3. Sibiu
  4. Dracula Mountains
  5. Romania Meets Romaniacs
  6. Dubai Glitz
  7. Winter Fun
  1. Iceland Enduro
  2. Island Ride Croatia
  3. Kings Trail Romania
  4. Dracula Trail

Hot destinations at the best prices, with all around services, and have the top guides. They also have the top of the line bikes to get you through your adventure. Thomas Faching founder of Xpower in 2002, has obviously done his homework on how to show riders the time of their life, and doing it as safe as possible. They are very organized, and ready for anything that might arise out on the trails. Over the years they have diversified and grown to the best in dirt bike tours. They have made it their passion to bring you on the best views in the world, that you can see from the seat of your dirt bike. This is why they get the nod of approval on being the best in the business, number 1 worlds Enduro Tour Operator.

If you would like to talk to someone local about these tours contact : Kevin Novello @ 1-978- 886 -1326 /

North Star Enduro / Enduro Heaven



In KAVALA CITY, North of GREECE, their is an Enduro Touring Company that has their slice of heaven for the dirt bike rider adventurer. The Noth Star is the #1 Enduro Touring Destination for some extreme riding, and some most Amazing sights. They have set you up with some best restaurants in the area, for some fine dining while you are their.

They have a 4 level plan ranging from Extreme Enduro, Hard Enduro, Easy Rider, and the Beginners ride, to accommodate almost any degree of rider. They also have their own lineup of BETA motorcycles for you to ride. North Star is the first Enduro Touring Company that operates in Greece.

The fact that their philosophy is based on, they do it, because they love riding is words to live by for this company, and it shows through. They have 3 tour packages, so let me show you what they offer…


Full package includes                                     Economy includes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bike Guide

  • motorcycle                                                          motorcycle                                                motorcycle
  • hotel                                                                      hotel
  • fuel gear
  • insurance, if bike brakes
  • pick up at airport
  • they have a group discount as well
  • gear
North Star gets a 5 * star rating through trip advisor for a high quality trip, not to mention that you are in GREECE.

I also can tell by some reviews that by the time you leave, you are all like family, and best of friends. So if you are down with going to Greece to check out the sites, I cannot think of a better way of doing it. This is one rider who would love to do this trip.

RIDERS OF THE LOST TRAIL – Guided off Road Trail Tours


This is a guided off-road motor bike trail tour, and an Enduro Holiday in a beautiful part of Andalucia, southern Spain. where you will take control of many KTM dirt bikes that they have. There are 1000s of trails, and tracks to ride on through this beautiful countryside. All the tours include all gear, and equipment, 3rd party insurance, lunch, bike rental, and of course you can’t forget the guide that will show you all the beauty in this tour.

They have teamed up with El Gecko Hotel for all of your accommodating needs

There is also another place in Spain called…

Let’s Ride Spain Since 2011

Kevin and Moira are co founders of Let’s Ride Spain since 2011, who just like me decided to follow a dream instead of just working a job, and being bored and unhappy. So he and Moira decided to build an empire of Exclusive off-road Tours, taking people on a journey of their lives, in the beautiful countryside of southern Spain with heavenly views.their are many trails that they will take you on depending on, what your skill level is. They use well maintained KTM four strokes available for you to rent. The hotels are placed near the sea front in fuengirola, with quick walks to the night-life.

They have also made a promise to all of their guests to give you a – definitive off-road experience, which they say will leave you wanting to come back. In my eyes,  those are the best vacations, the ones you don’t want to leave.

For most rides they will have a lead bike and a rear rider to make sure that no one gets left behind. All their packages include the following in the price.

  • Bike
  • gear
  • lunch
  • guide
  • fuel
  • photos
  • rental insurance
  • backpack with tools and water
  • and I like the fact that they put this into the description, A nice cold one ( two ) at the end of the day. That is some forward thinking, love it.

They also have for the ones who pay for it, someone to transfer you to and from the airport, and transfer too and from base to hotel, on riding days, ask them for more information. Before you book, you need to know that you will need a full unrestrictive A or A2 Motorcycle license, not A1, to be able to ride with them… That being said, this looks like another really fun time, if you can do it.

In Conclusion,

There are a ton of places to fly to if you want to have an adventure of a lifetime. We are talking the bucket list type stuff.  Just make sure if you are going to be traveling abroad to do your homework. You don’t want to get their and realize you forgot to do something. Some of these places even have a before you get their training regiment. That’s how I know it will be a lot of fun, and a lot of hard But Let’s be honest some of these places are just breath taking, and you are probably not going to want to leave, for sure.

I will be adding a lot more of these adventure tours as we build, but at least these few give you a great idea of what’s out their to look more into.

Also, I will be adding soon, the places in the U.S. That you can go to and enjoy going out on some tours as well for those who can’t afford to go outta country.

To be continued……

Once again thank you for reading if you have more to add or just want to comment on what I have written please do. I want your comments so I know if I am doing a good job, or can I fix some things. Also, if you have been on one of these you can share your experiences with the others who would like to know the ins and outs. Till next time stay safe, and rip it up.

Thank you again for checking us out.








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15 thoughts on “Best Dirt Bike Adventure Riding – Best dirt bike tours 2018

  1. Hey, I have this inexplicable craze about buying dirt bikes of different designs and i want to have collection of them.I want to buy my first dirt bike.Can you help me in buying one please.Kindly guide me where can i find the perfect dirt bike?

  2. This sounds like a wonderful adventure. 

     Who wouldn’t want to go to all the hot destinations with the best prices, services and guides.

    That is quite a list you have about what is included in the full package, and everything that is included.  It is good to know that there is insurance if the bike breaks.

    1. Hello Shy, 

      thank you for the great comments, and you are right. who wouldn’t want to go on a great adventure. so much to see, never enough time, so go on 2 wheels. then you can see it all.

  3. That photo at the top of your post is stunning. I’ve actually never ridden a dirt bike so I don’t have any context on what normal places to ride look like, but is there even a trail in the photo? It almost looks like the guy on the right is going to fall of the mountain!

    I’m assuming all of these trips are for people that actually know what they’re doing and not for a complete beginner like me. I have ridden four wheelers off-road many times but never a dirt bike unfortunately.

    1. Hey Mariah, 

      That is a great shot, and you pretty much blaze your own trail., but there are trail you are definitely on top of the world on some of these tours. well here is the thing about tours , they also have different trails to take people on. It all depends on what level rider you are, on which trail that they take you on. Depending on where you go , just make sure to ask the representative that you talk with about if they have a tour for beginners. Most have a selection depending on skill level.

      you should take a few lessons on 2 wheels, and you never know. you just might like it.

    2. Guys i loved this site. You should definitely come ride in Deosai national park. Shigar. Skardu. Hunza. Karakoram highway. Nagar. Gilgit baltistan. Astore. Attabad lake etc. Google these places and youll know what im talking about. I can offer A to Z solution and services if needed. I just returned from a 2 week tour. It was fabulous. Cheers guys. Ps. Trip to nanga parbat and k2 can also be organised.

  4. Holy cow. I had no idea that Enduro tours existed. How cool.I can have some appreciation for this, as I used to ride motorcycles..until I was injured.But out of all of the bikes that I’ve written, dirt bikes were the most fun.You jumped right into the introduction by describing a friend’s tour of Romania; I know the mountain ranges in Romania are quite tough, as I have a Facebook friend who lives there.The tour of Italy sounds like a complete blast; I wish I were still young enough to do this.You then go even farther by breaking down other Enduro tours of Europe which all sound spectacular.It’s noteworthy that there are different levels of plans ranging from extreme to easy. I would definitely be an easy rider.Then you list what full packages include and what economy tours include. I would go all out and take the full package.The “Let’s Ride Spain” also sounds like a blast. I wish my wife could ride a bike, I wouldn’t want to do this without her. You again mention what is included in that tour.This is something I would love to do, but can’t afford the luxury of it.You’ve done an excellent job here in that, at least to a biker, this sounds like heaven.

    1. Thank you Will,

       For taking the time to read the post. I have a love for everything 2 wheelz , and always love talking and sharing with more people, who also love this life style. dirt and street bikes have come so far, and let us travel so much more , than anyone could ever imagine. with that being said thank you also for the great comments you have left, and come back any time.

  5. Hi,
    I can’t stress this enough, it’s going to look silly and extraneous but get the bag with the awesome hip straps. They take the weight off your shoulders and make it way more tolerable to carry your bag longer distances.

    1. Hi Marrywhitney,
      I could not agree with you more. I was recently back packing in Bar Harbor,Maine, and had a backpack that did not have that strap. Let me tell you that about 20 minutes into the hike Ihad to stop, and take it off. I traded packs with my girlfriend who had a pack with the strap and put my stuff into that one and never had a problem the rest of the trip. It actually gave me a panic attack because it was so tight around my shoulders. So good tip, thank you.

  6. These are definitely some cool place to visit, in particular Kavala City. Sounds like a blast there! I get a little nervous on an type of motorcycle but you can catch me on a quad on the dunes! Maybe someday I will get over my fear of 2 wheels with a motor!

    1. Hey there Brandon,

      I tell you what I am doing my best this year to be able to go with my buddies to ITALY for a trip next year. They are awesome rides if you ever have the chance to do one. bucket list type stuff. what makes you nervous about 2 wheels?, and where do you ride the dunes?

  7. Wow, those photos are incredible. I bet these trips would be the experience of a lifetime! I couldn’t even choose where I’d want to go the most! Well, I guess I can choose and I choose Spain. 🙂 I hope you get to go on one of these trips with your friend. I’m sure it would be memories you cherish forever. It’s one thing you go on a touristy vacation to these countries, but it’s another thing to completely experience it up close and personal as you explore the land intimately.

    1. Hi Holly,

      Spain would be a good one, and I have Italy on the bucket list for next year. just have to get into shape, its a lot of riding. you are right about seeing where you go in a whole new light. I have heard the words breath taking from time to time. thank you for your comments, and feel free to come back again.   take care

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