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l would like to take this time to welcome you to connecting 2 It is my passion to helping people get together and have fun while being safe as possible, doing what we love outdoors.

Over the years I have learned to ride on the track as well as the woods, luckily I had a lot of woods near me and the best part was NETRA had a woods race every year right down the street from my house. So there was always a nice track to ride on after they left.

I have met a lot of good people in the dirt bike world, two wheels in general. I would like to meet a whole lot more. One thing you can never do is stop learning about something you love, also I would like to give back to the new riders just starting out.

We should educate them, so they too can be safe and keep us safe by not running into us going the wrong way or something. Enjoy stay awhile, leave comments and lets grow together.


Ever since I was a kid, I have had a love for outdoor activities mainly ones in the dirt. Starting with my first freestyle bicycle I got one Christmas morning. That was the best as a kid, because that meant freedom, freedom to be able to see your friends, and hit some dirt trails. Which speaking of the trails, I can remember taking my BMX down the street to the fields where there was dirt bike riders around my area of town. Man I can still smell the 2 stroke in the air, and dirt flying everywhere.  Ahh the 2 stroke smell, and the braap braaap. I knew at that moment, I had to get me one of those. luckily we had a dirt bike ktm shop in town that as a kid you could go there and dream shop. luckily for us the guy was very patient.

When I was old enough and had a paper route I decided to look for a dirt bike for myself. This was supposed to be a great experience for a kid, mine was not. I went to just take a look at an Rm 80 . I remember the kid to this day asking me, ” do you know how to ride “. I definitely did not, but of course I told him yes. I was a not so bright as a kid. So I jump on his bike revved it up and dumped the clutch, and yes I was that kid. So with my newly broken bike that I could not ride, till I fixed the casing, and a few other minor stuff, I went home. This was a good news bad news type a thing. The good is, I owned it .lolKid on db

For me I feel like every ride is the first one. I get this imma kid again moment and smile so much I have to look around to make sure know ones looking like a the kid and that first bicycle. I have been in the dirt in many states and had many a dirt bike, and many different experiences, some good some bad but in the dirt nonetheless.

“I feel like if you were to cut me, I would bleed dirt”


So growing up riding, I have always noticed that I did a lot of riding by myself. This is fun but, theres nothing like a little friendly cat and mouse to get the friendly competition going. This always pushes me to be better. A group ride with your friends that you can stop off in the middle of nowhere for a little break, take in that view. Good  to have A friend pushing you or if something happens out in the trails and you need help. Someone to ride back to your truck cause your bikes broken down and its 5 miles back. I have walked that 5 miles with all my gear on. That always equals NO fun.

So lately I started thinking “How I can help people “ not have to go thru riding by yourself.  Ways to meet other people to ride with. How about,  just share stories tips, tricks and experiences. But most of all, meet local community people who ride..

Get  tracks info, find woods races, get together for group ride. Let’s face it you can go to a track and try to meet people, but this is sometimes tough. Especially if your a shy person, It would probly ratty hard to just walk up too people. Most people are at the track to ride ,most people go with their buddies. The problem with this is, you want to be in that circle.

So wouldn’t it be easier to come too connecting 2 Meet local people and then Go to the track, or go for a ride in the woods.

Let’s just say you move a couple states away.  Just come on this site meet some people. Listen I have tried bringing just a friend of mine out on my second bike just to have someone. This did not turn out great, in fact I watched him climb a tree instead. So as my bike hung in the tree and I pulled him out from under it, to keep the bike from falling on him. It was almost 300$$ to fix a broken bike, I would not try to do this again. This was not a good riding experience.

 In conclusion,

I would love for you to help me, help us, by bringing all of us together to the promise land. Let’s face it, we want to all ride. BUT please be smart enough to know the dangers of riding alone.


The goal of my site is simple, meet people to have fun community with. This is my passion to bring all of us together to help one another. Beginners, novice, as well as getting some professional opinions.

Let’s show the people who don’t know where to ride, or the right way to ride. The best places, the tracks, and some good safety tips. Figure out what gear will be the best fit, and best money wise, The good products.  Used or new bikes out there.

I want to build a community that last the test of time. life is too short my friends, lets make the most of it.

So I have set these goals for this site,

first build up our community with positive thinking, good people here who want to meet new people and help one another.Then as we start building ,  and adding on too our community. Find other states, and further down the road different countries to go to for a vacation, the best places and people to ride with. Find the best tour guides out there, cause without a good guide it won’t be as fun. We are all here to Brawden our horizon, and maximize our riding experience in a safe but fun atmosphere.

To ride is a way of life like know other you can do.  Lets build this web site up, and make a great fun community. So be safe and rip it up. If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. How bout that weekend you just spent riding, I want to here about the good, as well as any pointers you might have learned, and show off them pictures.

All the best,

Mark @




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