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Take a minute And let me explain to you about us. Here at “connecting 2 wheelz”  we want to become a community for beginners, who want to ride dirt bikes, and get an education from the ones who are out there doing the most riding.

I would say lets talk about a secret cool spots, but lets not help the MAN out right. Lets get too know one another, and again depending on were you live, we will eventually be adding the best, most fun places to ride around the world by connecting you the riders.

meet mark brindley

Mark is a man on a mission that has started since the first time he got a hold of pretty much anything with a motor and 2 wheels. Mark has been riding since 1987, and never looked back. Despite never being able to take his riding to the next level, he stayed true to the 2 wheel life. He has now come to you hoping to shed some light, and give the education for the beginner riders looking to get into riding a dirt bike.

About mark


Dirt bike people are a very tight knit crew. when you are lucky enough to get in, These people will treat you as if you are one of the family. So if you want to become part of the Two Wheel family. Start right here. We need too come together as a community that helps each other with the knowledge that might help someone else. Maybe even finding some good deals on gear, parts and or bikes. I will be adding more content as we build this website up , but we would love your help as we move along.

So if there is something that you think I should cover, please let me know.  If you would like to contribute or just want some information, This is the site for you, built around all of us, too help one another enjoy what we like to do. It is all about the freedom of the ride. Also we want to be safe as possible, and as informed as we can be before we rip up the trails or ride at the tracks.

I can teach

I can teach you  better ways to get into riding for a beginner. To help you find the mentors that I did not have. We are finding the right people that  are in your area, too help, and ride with.

I can help

I can help you with finding the bike that would best fit to who you are, and what is the right gear to get for the money that you can afford. Also I can help you reach the goals you set, and fix some bad habbits that some of us get used to.

Need advise

This is what I am here for, and what this community can help you with.


I am currently in the process of getting certified as a coach / instructor of anything 2 wheelz, stay tuned.

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Please remember, when you are riding, no matter where you are, to be mindful, treating it like it was your grandmothers house. What I mean by this is, keep it clean, what you bring, should leave with you.

Also the parking lots are meant for parking, and is not meant to be a place to do laps while you are warming up.

Please do not ruin it for the rest of us, and you might actually get asked to the spots, that your not getting told about. Keep it clean, don’t be a meatball, and get to the better spots

No one wants to ride with a meatball.


Thank you for checking my site out, hope we can share stories and tips.

Please leave a comment on what you have read, and remember that we are a new site adding more posts as we build. If you have any suggestions, love any and all.

Mark @


Also I would like to take a minute, and say thank you to the men and women who make it possible To enjoy life. Some of these men and women have had everything taken away from them, and their families. I can never do enough to show gratitude. But if I do my very best to be a good person, and help others, when you can.  I feel at the very least, that we can honor these men, and women.   So I solute you




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