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Women and a dirt bike-on there way

Clara Marian Wagner – IN THE BEGINNING 1910


In 1910 Clara Wagner  who was daughter to George Wagner, who owned “Wagner motorcycles company” won her first endurance competition (male competition)at age 18. This race was called the FAM 360 and it was from Chicago to Indianapolis. She put her fathers company on the map for receiving a perfect score in this race. Women and a dirt bike , riding with all male competition and won, well guess what race fans they stripped her of the win and her trophy.

Stating it was a mans sport and women could not and should not be in. If I understand the story correctly,  they didn’t even know she was women until the end of the race. Then when realizing this took the win and trophy.

Clara was born November 1891 St. Paul, Minnesota, and passed in December 1961 in cathedral city, Ca. She would be best known,  for being a racing pioneer of her time.

So from the 40s to the 60s it was a fight to gain access to the main events. Mostly these hard core women ripped up the scrambles tracks, and enduro in the u.k. It wasn’t until the late 60s did they start to emerge into the USA.

Here is a very influential woman of the time-Kerry Kleid

1. Kerry Kleid 1971 – this would be the very First Lady to get her MX license, however when she went too sign up for her first men’s nationals at Unadilla, which was to be her first race fully licensed by the AMA,was told they had made a mistake and revoked her license, once again because she was a woman. They stated it was in the rules no women racers

Well our girl did not let this stop her she sued the AMA-and won the ,what I’m sure was a not fun for her too go thru, but nonetheless won her life back and got fully reinstated into the AMA men’s class. Why the men’s class, their was only the men’s class for her to ride. At this time their was only the men’s

She also was the first woman inducted to the AMA hall of fame

1974 the year of the powder puff national championships-short lived

So here it is race fans,its 1974 and the women want to race, so the powers that be devised a powder puff race for women to win heat races in order to qualify for the last race or main event. Although this brought more riders and more spectators this name would not stick around long. In 1975, they would change this name to (WMN) women’s motocross nationals. This race has been done from 1975, on thru till today, only canceling a few races in the mid 80s.

In 1996 the (WML) Women’s Motocross league was founded and soon they would be recognized by the AMA, soon to follow they would petition to be a part of the AMA. 2004 the (WMA) Women’s Motocross Association was founded and later sold off too MX sports in 2009,and then changed its name too( WMX )Women’s Motocross championships , to keep with their theme.

These women warriors who rode those dirt bikes back in the day can look back on how the sport is today, and be very proud at what they have accomplished in those years prior.

KASEY ROGERS,actor and all around motorcycle enthusiastKASEY ROGERS

Born Josie imogene rogers December 15, 1925,These women became a huge part of the women’s dirt bike movement,from her early ages she was an actor who was best known for her role in BEWITCHED, who became a motorcycle enthusiast,who became the voice for the sport.

In 1971, she was 0 and her son had asked her for a bike, which she was reluctant to get for him but did,of course.she would take him down too Indian dunes on Fridays and Sundays ,were more likely she got the inspirations to get her own bike.

So one Christmas after having ridden a motorcycle decided to get her own dirt bike a 125cc. While riding she decided one day in 1972, she was going to write a column about her experiences with woman of the dirt bike up and coming world.

So she wrote a powder puff column for modern cycle magazine and covered mini cycle nationals,and other racing events that she found interesting and relevant at the time.

1974 this was to be a great year for her and women,this was the year of the power puff nationals that took place on July 6-7 at the Indian dunes where she was to over see everything that was going on that weekend of racing.

1975 Kasey met with a motocross promoter, and sold him a dream about 10 of her top women riders, to compete in a basic dash for the cash ride.which was known as the WOMENS INVATATIONAL TROPHY DASH at the Las Angeles coliseum. This night would truly make women’s history in motocross.1975 her and her son started to ride less and less until they pretty much did not ride anymore.


Ashley fiolic

Born in 1990, This dirt racing lady was born in Dearborn Michigan, were her parents got her first dirt bike around the age of 3, this bike was a PW50 with training wheels, which they would bring her over to her grandfathers house to ride in his woods. Ashley would lead quite a career in women’s motocross. Starting at the age of 7 she got into racing.

Here are some of her besties

1.2008 she won WMX pro national championship

2. 2009 she won many races including another WMX pro national championship with a seventh place win that last race of the year, and again in 2011 won

3. 2012 she crashed and suffered a concussion and a fractured tailbone,after taking a few months off to recover came back like she never left and was forced and running towards another victory and yet another championship.

4. She was the first female motocrosser to get the cover of Transworld Motocross

There’s a list more of things she has accomplished in her riding career. please feel free to follow the link to learn more about this super star of motocross.


So in conclusion,Standing on db

There are so many of these warriors that I want to cover and  will down the line. Honestly I could  just write about  Women and A Dirt Bike and thats all, but there are so many of them, and that much content to write. But for now I just picked a few of them that stood out to me.

The women’s sport of motocross has come so far, and I feel like it is going to the moon and beyond.

If you are a dirt bike kind of girl check out this site

Please feel free to comment, and to look into more of them and share and or like.

Thank you for reading and your comments

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