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Fun facts of dirt bikes – the history behind the story

Where they have been,and the future of bikes

Well if you find dirt bike riding is something that you might want to stick with or maybe just know where they have come from,I would like to share some of the fun facts of dirt bikes.

Maybe I can take you down a little history lane of dirt bikes, cause lets face it these things are a blast and how could you not love riding, as we all come to find out if you stay around long enough, it is definitely a lifestyle. Just ask anyone who takes it serious, and they will tell you all about it….

First things first how they became?

Well my friends in the beginning you didn’t have a dirt bike. Back in the hay day these warriors they would have shown up with a modified street bike. That’s right my friends, I said a street bike. They would take these heavy street bikes and throw some tires more suited for the dirt, take of the head light lamps and pretty much anything else that was heavy or didn’t need had to come off. The problem with these motorcycle modifiers was its hard to really know who invented the actual “ dirt bike “ who’s to say, but there are some speculations on the matter.

Gottlieb daimler / wilheim maybach

In 1883 these two gentlemen fulfilled a dream of Daimler, and created and designed a horizontal cylinder layout compressed charge liquid petroleum engine that fulfilled Daimler’s desire for a high speed engine which could be throttled, making it very useful for a transportation application. This engine would come to be known as Daimler’s dream.


In 1885 these two engineers designed a vertical cylinder version which they mounted to a two wheeler. The first internal combustible motorcycle, which would be called the petroleum,(riding car)

Soichiro honda 1959.

1959 was a great year for the dirt biking era, this was the year soichiro honda started a little shop in los angeles,ca. Unfortunately coming here might have been the easiest thing he was about to do, for none wanted much to do with him at first. Well at the end of 1959 he had sold under 2000 bikes and had opened about 15 dealerships. Im pretty sure he might have been second guessing coming to the USA, and pretty sure he showed a loss on that first year. But that same year on the worlds front he became number 1 selling over 500.000 units. Remember this catch phrase,” you meet the nicest people on a  Honda “. These where a small bike, not all that great looking but…. You couldn’t brake these bikes from the oil (no leaks) to the electrical too everything about these honda bikes, very reliable. By 1963 honda sales where up and smaller bikes started showing up on camper racks and motor homes.They used them too buzz around campgrounds and to their favorite fishing spot. Remember these gems, how many are still out there? Xl 175 , xl 250 and the sl 350. I believe my parents used to have a set of these they use to take me for rides all the time as a kid. I cane member them telling stories about me falling asleep on the gas tank. Couldn’t do that today, You would end up in jail, because someone’s feelings got hurt.

 in conclusion

soichiro honda was given the nod as the true inventor of the dirt bike as it applies to motor cross racing.

“In the late 50s early 60s soichiro honda transformed the motorcycle itself from something that only thugs and bikers where riding at this time into a more mainstream vehicle.”

First motocross race/scrambles

January 23 1924,

This was the very first attempt at motocross that was held in the u.k this first race was known as a scramble.which where off road races or trials wich where previously found in Britain.

Let me stop right there I love riding in the woods not too say I dont like the track but out in the woods riding along with you buddies ,there is just no Bette feeling,ok well maybe that’s stretching it a little.but really you out there having an adventure every time.

Like I have said before in my about me page ,when I was a kid there was no better time of the year where they race the scrambles right down the street from my house,the smell of the two stroke in the air.bikes flying over roads .going in and out of the woods ,ripping wheelies ,grass and sand flying .oh man it makes me feel like a kid every time I think about those days.the races where so much bigger and better then as far as I’m concerned

It’s kinda like the carnival that comes to you town every year,and every year less and less rides to the point where its basically just for food and shooting the b guns to try and knock out the star. Common you’ve been there..

But the fact remains I dont care how small the track is or scramble I love it all,it could just go in circles and I would still watch them go rtound and round.just jumping I could whatch all day

Healthy ride – extreme sport

First  lets just start off by saying just being outside is a healthy thing ,that being said here are some other reasons if you needed more than that.

  1. For those of you that dont no, just to hang on to one of these crazy machines its going to take a whole lotta strength. You will be using a lot of different muscles that if you not moving much on the day to day ,you definetly gonna want to take it easy for you first few rides.
  2. lets just say after you work thru a couple of arm pumps you will build up you indurance and how bout balancing this mean machine. Lets not forget increasing you heart rate wich as you can see, these professionals can get the heart rate racing. once again just know you limits and be safe, but most importantly have some fun.

If you would like to comment or just leave a message about a story or whatever please do.

Thank you for reading

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5 thoughts on “Fun facts of dirt bikes – the history behind the story

  1. Hello there,
    Great site!I love how you included women on it also!
    I love riding my 750 king quad .I am a women also and want to get another dirt bike,they are a lot of fun!
    There is a lot more places to ride dirt bikes around here so i will get another one.thank you for sharing.
    I will return to your site
    cheers. Laurie

    1. Hello laurie,
      thank you for checking my site out , I have had a few 4 wheelers my self. They are very fun as well. I find my legs under the rear wheels more than not, that is why I’m sticking to 2
      where is here? I would like to know, so maybe we could share and add . this is where sharing helps us all .
      I look forward to talking more with you and many others.
      cheers as well to you my friend

  2. This was a fun post to read! Some interesting history on the dirt bike.

    I can remember my first bike. A Honda XR75 I got back in the early 1980s. I loved that bike more than anything and spend many hours riding around the property. So many good memories!

    I know that every time I rode, I was exhausted when I got off. It may look like you are sitting on the bike relaxing…and that the bike is doing all the work. This is not true. Dirt bike riding is challenging and uses every muscle in the body. I think it is a great addition to anyone’s plan for keeping a healthy lifestyle. Plus it is a ton of fun!

    Thanks again for the fun history.

    1. thank you for your time and consideration, ahh the 80s. good time to be a get it ,it takes everything you have sometimes just to hold on..well thank you again for your time and comment.

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