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Dirt bike safety tips -some lessons learned

School of hard knocksHardknocks

Welcome back,

Today I wanted to share a few things I have learned over many years of ripping up the trails on dirt bikes, and talking with professionals about dirt bike safety tips.

First I would like to tell you one of my stories of catastrophys. I was riding with my buddy, screaming along having a great day on the dirt bike. When all of a sudden, I was ripped off my bike, but my bike kept going. I was not going anywhere. let me explain why.

I looked down at what was holding me by the arm, some ass hat had carved a point into a downed tree that was kind off hidden by brush and was just enough inside the trail to stick right into my bicep.  That’s right, stuck in my damn arm.  I quickly pulled out of it had my buddy stash my bike While I tied my shirt around my arm, he could drive us back to his house, and could go to the hospital.

My point I wanted to get to was to tell you I had a chest protector on, unfortunately for me that side piece that would have protected the area was ripped off. Had it not been ripped off it might, well probably would have kept me from a hospital visit. Moral of this story is if your gear for riding is faulty or damaged  to where its not going to do its job, please just replace it. It could save you a visit and some $$$$


We have covered this before but I feel as If I need and can’t stress this enough, if you are out riding wear your proper PPG.your proper protective gear, it is in the stores for a reason, and that’s not to look cool its to save you from a lot of pain and bills or at the very least, keep you from being hurt bad.

  1. Please put your helmet on, its there to keep your head from getting crushed.
  2. please go get a decent body protector, you don’t want to take a hit without one on it, and it will make the difference.
  3.  Goggles and gloves, you don’t want to take a rock, or stick too the eyes,  so get those goggles on. Hands are always getting slammed out their, and you are bound to take a digger every now and again. So buy some decent gloves.
  4. Buy a pants and jersey combo that fits correctly. Not baggy or tight.
  5. Go get on those boots that you bought, and get a good set of knee pads ,that also should fit you correctly.
  6.  The  icing on the cake how bout you neck brace not a lot of people used these back when I was riding, and I’m betting they wished they would have…

There is different types of gear for different types of riding.  The beautiful thing these days that I did not have growing up  is you have the internet to give you a good idea, on Dirt Bike Safety Tips .


Crossing Roads – what to knowCrossroads

Here is the thing about crossing streets and even being on the road, its a dirt bike, not a street bike unless your in super motors. keep the street riding to a minimum. Also when I started riding you did not have to be registered and plated, and this and that. For crying out loud, can I just ride please…

Here is one place you can go to see what laws their are in your state.

Also, please keep your head about you when crossing stop and Look, dont’ just wheelie across. I promises you, cars don’t even know you are their before its too late. laws are different from state too state but I’m sure this stays the same… So to review, stop and look – and please don’t be out their drinking (getting hammered) and or on drugs while riding, this will almost certainly end up with a life flight, and a ride to the hospital.

Know where you are riding – At the bad tracks

What I mean by this is mostly for the wood’s person not at the let me tell you a little story about five of my buddies going for a ride down what we called the bad tracks. So their we were flying down these old tracks with some serious whoops, your throttle is pegged your on top of the whoops having a great old time. You either go-slow or fast on these, slow is no fun, fast can be a smooth ride as long as you stay straight.

Funny enough on this day, their was a wood’s race going on, on  those same tracks going the other way. Well after getting screamed at by every rider going the other way, we were back to having fun. This was all about to go very wrong. All of a sudden their was another group with a quad and about 4 dirt bikes coming at us. Well what I thought was my group of 5 was now 2, and the group in front of me was cops not racers.

When I was sitting in the jail house with 18 other bike riders all waiting to bail themselves out and on top of that bail their bikes had to get bailed out,the cops told me that their was a post in this towns local newspaper. Yes but I’m not from this town I said, and the reply to that was we don’t care your in this town now he said. uggh . The moral to my story is, if you are going to be riding in a town and don’t want to get arrested, take a look in the local paper. Cause it is noooo fun for you or your bike…

In conclusion ,

I just want you too have fun, and enjoy the ride. There’s a lot of fun too be had, so long as you are safe.. Please feel free to share your stories and add too what I have talked about, or just want to leave a comment about the Dirt Bike Safety Tips, and how to make sure that you are covered and get to go home to your families safe…

Thank you for reading this post,

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